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Condition Management Company supported Alzheimer’s Society with training on work-related trauma as part of our National Adult Safeguarding week activities. From the outset, Jen and the team were focused on our needs, ensuring that the training delivered was relevant to the work that our employees carry out. They listened to our requirements and provided thoughtful & considered suggestions to improve the offering, which clearly demonstrated their expertise in the area. 

The therapist who delivered the training was engaging and ensured that, throughout the session, the material was linked back to practical applications, ensuring that this new topic was tangible for our staff. 

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the training and would recommend CMC for any psychological wellbeing training within the workplace.

I have recently finished a course of therapy with one of your practitioners, Rose Armstrong and I wish to give you some feedback on her.

Rose was extremely personable right from the beginning of our first session, this allowed me to feel comfortable quickly, which helped form a good basis for a working relationship between us as patient and therapist. 

Throughout each session she delivered her style of therapy with a blend of conversation and some humour, I found this to be a great approach for me in particular, as in the past I have had terrible experiences with some 'robotic' like mental health professionals. 

I had a course of CBT sessions with Condition Management Company as I was struggling with anxiety in early 2023.  Jen, the psychotherapist, put me at ease which helped me talk about how I was feeling and what things might lie at the root of the anxiety. She quickly focussed on what I wanted to achieve from the sessions. She then worked with me to develop a better understanding of what I was feeling and why, and then helped me to develop some practical strategies and measures for dealing with the anxiety.  I definitely benefited significantly from the therapy sessions and based on my experience would have no hesitation in recommending Condition Management to others experiencing similar issues.

Rose is an excellent supervisor who supported me both through my training and into my newly-qualified CBT IAPT role with all of the associated challenges. She is very experienced and knowledgeable but conveys this in a warm, open, and collaborative approach. I always felt safe to bring my challenges and blind-spots to our sessions and felt she empowered me to progress as a therapist. I also appreciated that our supervision was always a careful blend of guiding discovery whilst also answering questions and sharing her own experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in their clinical practice for both processing difficulties as well as sharing successes.

I have found Rose to be both approachable and flexible as a supervisor. Supervision has always been interactive, using different approaches to meet my learning style and challenge me. I always come away from our sessions feeling motivated to trial new ideas with clients. Additionally, I have appreciated being able to bring both personal and clinical difficulties to the sessions, always being offered a safe space. The has been invaluable and I know has bettered me as a therapist

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