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We provide a range of services to meet varying needs to different groups. These include services to businesses for their employees’ psychological health, as well as training and clinical supervision services.

Occupational Health Services

We work with businesses to ensure their staff receive the highest quality psychological care. Events that occur in the course of our work can bring challenge, impacting our resilience and ability to do our job at the optimal level. Life events outside of the workplace can also have a bearing on how able we are to navigate our work responsibilities.

Workplaces increasingly want to support the mental wellbeing of their staff, and we can provide a route for businesses to access assured, robust, effective treatment for their employees. We work with the employee and employer to ensure that the therapy offered meets the needs of the client, whilst allowing them to thrive in the workplace. This in turn reduces sickness, improves productivity, work satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

If your business would like to work with us, please get in touch. We can discuss your requirements and create a bespoke arrangement that meets your needs.


Our clinical staff use their expertise to bring training packages to clinicians and non-clinicians alike. Several of our team have extensive experience in writing and delivering outstanding training packages. We have delivered high quality CPD to psychotherapists on specialist areas of practice, general awareness training to wider groups, and tailored CPD to business in their particular areas of work. Several of our staff have worked closely with schools and education providers and teach on postgraduate courses. We work with you to understand the knowledge gaps you have and create a bespoke training product.

Please view feedback on some of our recent training delivery on our testimonials page


High quality clinical supervision is fundamental to successful clinical practice. Our clinical team are experienced supervisors, working with supervisees to enhance and develop their clinical practice for the benefit of their clients. We are up to date with recent evidence, adopt an idiosyncratic client approach and have expert knowledge in a wide range of areas such as birth trauma, safeguarding, traumatic grief, insomnia, domestic violence and working with neurodivergence.

We have accessed supervision training and can support you at any stage of your training from trainee, to newly qualified psychotherapist and beyond. Our therapists adopt a creative and flexible approach, holding the governance function of clinical supervision, whilst creating a reflective and restorative space for the practitioner.

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